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Buyer Guide for Elevated Toilet Seats

Safely sit on and rise up from the toilet!

Choosing the right elevated/raised toilet seat can be overwhelming and confusing. They come in several different shapes, sizes and heights. However, the choice is a lot easier when you know how to determine which elevated toilet seat is right for you, your loved one or elderly person. This buyer's guide gives you the most information needed to choose the elevated/raised toilet seat right for you.

What is an elevated or raised toilet seat?

An elevated toilet seat, also called raised toilet seat, raises a standard or an elongated toilet seat's height by one to five inches. This added height makes it safer and easier for someone with balancing issues or limited mobility to sit on and rise up from the toilet. Elevated toilet seats come in a variety of styles: round or elongated, with or without armrest, hinged, bolted or locked on attachment features.

Special Elevated/Raised Toilet Seats

There are special elevated/raised toilet seats designed to help people with special needs. One special elevated/raised seat features include slopes on either the right or left side. The slope design is ideal for people who have had unilateral or bilateral total hip replacement surgery and people with cerebral palsy or other muscle disorders. This sloped design prevents the replacement hip from rotating, keeps the legs abducted in the proper position and reduces the possibility of spasticity from occuring in people with muscle disabilities.
Other special elevated seats feature opened or contoured fronts or are extra wide with or without legs. An open front elevated seat accommodates the male anatomy and an extra wide elevated seats support bariatric or obese users weighing up to 600 pounds.

Length of Use and Type of Attachment

When choosing the right elevated toilet seat, consider the length of time you will use the seat. This will help you determine the type of attachment needed. For short term use, the elevated toilet seat requires no locking device, for a little longer use, it is recommended to use a lock-on device and for extended long term use, it is best to use a bolt-on device. 


Types of elevated toilet seats attachment device

Choosing the elevated seat height

Elevated or raised toilet seats height varies also. Height choices range from two to five inches. The best height for any users depends on the user's height. Choose the raised toilet seat height that allows the user's feet to rest comfortably on the floor. Do not allow the feet to dangle above the floor and do not choose a seat height that prevents the user from sitting and standing with ease. Remember, the main objective is to enable people with balancing difficulties and other mobility disabilities to sit on and rise up from the toilet safely and securely!


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