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Maddagrip® Textured Grip Jar & Bottle Opener

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Provides a better grip for weak hands 

Maddagrip® Textured Grip Jar and Bottle Cap Opener assists users to open just about anything. The large round shape accommodates the entire hand, allowing users to open bottle caps or jar lids. It
  • Provides a better grip for weak hands
  • Offers a soft, flexible texture outside for extra turning power
  • Quickly conforms to small medicine vials, twist-off bottle caps and large jar lids  
The Maddagrip Jar Opener is perfect for elderly users with grasping disabilities and people with limited hand dexterity or arthritis. Use it to open bottle caps and jars in your kitchen, bathroom and workshop.

Easy to hold outside texture requires minimal effort

The Maddagrip Opener is long, round and made from a soft, flexible rubber. It’s easy to clean, and the bright orange color makes it easily visible to low vision users.   


6 inch diameter x 2 inches high
Two (2) per package
Color: Orange
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