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Parkinson's Weighted Coated Spoons

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Prevent injury to teeth and gums

Parkinson's Weighted and Coated Large Handle Spoons prevent mealtime accidental injury to your teeth and gums. The smooth plastisol coating protects users with biting reflexes from hurting themselves when eating. These special utensils also feature a weighted built-up, slip-free handle to help Parkinson's patients reduce hand tremors and to make grasping easier for users with Arthritis or other grasping limitations.

Quality utensils built to last!

These slip-free coated utensils are quality-eating aids built to last a long time. The gray vinyl handles are a star shape and coated with a non-slip finish for easy gripping. The stainless steel bowl of the teaspoon and the soupspoon are covered with a thick, plastisol coating. This smooth coating protects the users' lips, teeth and gums from uncontrollable biting or hand movements.


The handle is approximately 1.3 inches at its largest diameter and each utensil weighs approximately 8 ounces. Measures 7.5 inches long. 
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