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Beasy™ Boards No-Lift Patient Transfer

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Safely transfer patients without lifting

Beasy™ Premium Transfer Boards allow safe and easy patient transfer without lifting! Unlike regular transfer boards, Beasy Transfer Boards offer “No-lift” transferring with boards that slide from side to side and swivel a full 360 degrees, making wheelchair transfer safer and easier for caregivers and their patients! No-Lift transfer:

  • offers safe, convenient transfer from wheelchairs to beds, chairs, automobiles, bathtubs and toilets
  • prevents soreness and injury to patients’ shoulders or arms
  • reduces the risk of injury to caregivers
  • provides freedom and independence to wheelchair users

Beasy Boards No-Lift Transfer Boards are perfect for use in homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals. 

Specialized transfer boards with crack resistant, long-lasting durability

Made with a combination of ultra-strong DuPont™ quality polymer plastics, Beasy Boards Wheelchair Transfer Boards safely support up to 600 pounds without cracking or breaking. Beasy Boards come in your choice of three models: The "Original" Beasy or BeasyTrans, the BeasyGlyder, and the Beasy II. Each of these unique transfer boards include Beasy's sliding and swiveling feature which makes using the board for transfer safer and easier!


BeasyTrans - 40" long x 12" wide

BeasyGlyder - 32" long x 10" wide

Beasy II - 27.5" long x 12" wide

For hygiene reasons, this item is not returnable!


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