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Inner-Lip™ Plates with or without Non-Skid Base

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Raised edge keeps food on the plate!

Inner-Lip™ Plate is a practical solution for people with limited muscle control and the use of only one hand. This adaptive dining aid features a raised inside edge designed to keep food from sliding off the plate and help push food onto the eating utensil.
If you’d like to keep the plate from sliding too, choose the Inner-Lip Plate with Non-Skid Base.  It comes with a six-inch foam rubber, non-skid disk. The disk adheres to the bottom of the plate to keep the plate stationary while eating.

Perfect for low vision and Alzheimer’s patients!

Inner-Lip Plate is available in three colors: Sandstone, Light Blue or Red. The Red Inner-Lip Plate is perfect for people with low vision and Alzheimer’s. The bright red color offers a higher contrast, which enabling users with low vision and Alzheimer’s to distinguish the food served from the tableware.

Unbreakable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe

This Inner-Lip Plate is a quality, heavy-duty plastic built for long lasting durability. The plate is unbreakable, microwaveable and dishwasher safe, making it ideal for home and institutional use.

Please Note: The Inner-Lip Plate with the Non-Skid Base is not dishwasher, autoclave or microwaveable safe!


Inner-Lip Plate is 9-inch diameter
Raised Edge is 1/2 inch high
Rim is 1 inch wide

Available Colors

Inner-Lip Plate is available in Sandstone, Light Blue and Red.
Inner-Lip Plate with Non-Skid Base is available in Sandstone only.

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