Wonder Flow™ Vacuum Drinking Aid

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Wonder-Flo Vacuum Drinking Aid

No-Spill, controlled feeding flow

The perfect drinking solution for people with swallowing difficulties.

The eight ounce tumbler features a tight fitting lid with a rubber stopper to control the fluid flow and a spill-proof drinking spout. This adaptive drinking cup allows users to drink in a reclined position without lifting or tilting their head.

It is perfect for the bed-ridden or paralyzed patients, individuals with dysphasia resulting from a stroke.

Unbreakable container that controls liquid flow

Wonder-Flo Vacuum cup has a rubber control stopper designed to release 15 drops per 2cc. This allows the user or the caregiver to control the amount of liquid coming from the cups extended spout. The durable molded polypropylene container holds up to eight ounces and able to withstand autoclave sterilization.

Made in the USA

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