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Slip-On Built-Up Utensil Handle

SKU KIN-10052



Improve your limited grasping ability!

Built-up Slip-On Handle helps anyone with weak or limited grasping ability maintain a firm and secure hold on items with small handles. The extra large handle slips onto eating utensils, cutlery, a toothbrush, hair comb and other small handled items to provide users with a more comfortable and a more controllable grip. It’s perfect for people with arthritis or other hand limitations.

Soft vinyl surface with a non-slip grip

This adaptive built-up handle utensil features a soft vinyl surface with slip-resistant finger indentations. Inside the smooth vinyl handle is flexible foam tubing with a pre-cut hole. Insert a spoon, fork, knife or toothbrush into the foam’s pre-cut hole and transform that hard to hold handle into a soft, built-up holder with a non-slip grip.


Measures 4 inches long by 1-3/8 inches in diameter

Spoon not included!

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