Adult Incontinence Disposal System for Adult Diapers and Briefs

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Hands Free Adult Incontinence Disposable Receptacle

Adult Incontinence Disposable Receptacle for the disposable of adult incontinence wear and underpads that is specially designed to lock odor and the hands free design allows easy disposable


  • Advanced double sealing system to lock in odors to keep the area smelling fresh.
  • Perfect for home use or in assisted and nursing facilities
  • 11 Gallon capacity
  • Elegant design looks slick and fits into any area in the room or bathroom.
  • Hands free design makes disposing of adult-sized briefs, pads and other incontinence items both simple and hygienic


Material: ABS resin

Weight: 8.1 lb, Depth: 12.36"

Dimension: 14.37" x 22.83"

Capacity: Holds up to 11 Gallon


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