Afex® Leg Bag Large Capacity 400L

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Afex Leg bag 1200ml

For use with Afex Extension Tube assembly.

Double sealed leg bag!

Afex Leg Bag is a double sealed urinary collection device designed for use with the Afex Extension Tube Assembly.


  • Specialized vented membrane to release excess air
  • Unique backflow valve to keep fluids from leaking
  • Easy to use drainage clamp for quick fluid release

The Afex Leg Bag works in unison with the Afex Tube Assembly to provide incontinence leakage protection for men with moderate to heavy urine flow. This leg bag and tube combination allows wheelchair users and men who sit for long periods to position the bag comfortably around the calf or around the ankle.

Large capacity and reusable leg bag

Afex Leg Bag is a quality vinyl bag double sealed for added leakage protection. It’s reusable and holds up to 40 ounces (1200 ml). The bag contains latex and requires the Afex Extension Tube Assembly for proper use.

Fluid Capacity

Holds 40 ounces (1200 ml)

This item is not returnable!

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