Afex® Receptacle for Urinary Incontinence Management

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Afex® Receptacle for Urinary Incontinence Management

A major part of Afex Incontinence Management System designed control moderate to heavy urine flow. This loose fitting penis receptacle's soft double wall design includes an inner lining with small holes for ventilation and back flow prevention.

Adhesive free, pressure free, and latex free penis receptacle for male incontinence

Afex Receptacle is latex free and does NOT require the use of sticky adhesives. The double wall design includes an inner lining with small holes for ventilation and to prevent urine back flow. This patented design prevents skin rash and keeps the skin dry.

A comfortable alternative to painful condom catheters

Afex® Receptacle is one of the most important elements of the Afex Incontinence Management System. It offers men with moderate to heavy out of control urine flow a comfortable alternative to painful condom catheters. Repeated use of tight fitting condom catheters irritates the skin, which may cause skin chafing. The loose fitting Afex Receptacle eliminates this problem, making the Afex Incontinence Management System an all time favorite.

An incontinence solution day and night

Available in two styles:

  • low style

  • high style

The low style receptacle is recommended for men who sit for long periods of time. It couldn't be more comfortable for wheelchair users and long distance truck drivers or airplane pilots.

The high style receptacle is slightly longer and recommended for men who lead a more active and busy lifestyle. It's also recommended for bed time use with our Afex Incontinence Management System for Overnight.

Use and care of Afex Receptacle for Incontinence

Insert the Afex Receptacle through the elastic strap inside the Afex Boxer Brief, and through the built-in hole to connect the Afex Collection Bag. These patented Afex components work together to offer the ultimate protection for overflow urinary incontinence.

It is highly recommended that you clean the Afex Receptacle daily!

Doing so prevents harmful bacteria growth and controls embarrassing odor. We recommend using Afex Concentrated Cleaning Solution formulated to clean all Afex products.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not returnable!

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