Arthritis Comfort Grip™ Eating Utensils

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Arthritis Comfort Grip™ Eating Utensils

Quality stainless steel Comfort Grip Eating Utensils with Built-Up Handles are easier to use and comfortable to hold. The big, soft, rubbery handle's non-slip surface is less painful to grasp for people with Arthritis in the hand or weak hand dexterity.

Special eating aids for arthritic hands and joint stiffness!

Comfort Grip™ Utensils with Built-Up Handles are nothing like regular dining flat wear. They are much easier to use and more comfortable to hold. The extra large handle makes grasping less painful for people with Arthritis, finger joint stiffness or weak hand dexterity. Arching the fingers around the built-up handle eliminate strain on the arthritic joints which allows users to focus more on the meal and not on the pain.

Durable stainless steel dining utensils

The Comfort Grip eating utensils are made of long-lasting quality stainless steel, and the large round handles have a soft, rubber non-slip surface. They are available straight or angled to reduce wrist stress for users with limited range of motion. Left or right hand users with limited wrist or arm movement are able to choose a Comfort Grip left angled spoon and left angled fork, or choose a Comfort Grip right angled spoon and right angled fork.

Care & Available Choices

Comfort Grip Eating Utensils are dishwasher safe and available in your choice of the following pieces:

Straight Comfort Grip Eating Utensils

  • dinner fork
  • teaspoon
  • soup spoon
  • table knife

Angled Comfort Grip Eating Utensils

  • right angled dinner fork
  • right angled teaspoon
  • left angled dinner fork
  • left angled teaspoon

These eating utensils are not returnable!

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