Bariatric Dual-Release X-Wide Folding Walker

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Dual-Release X-Wide folding walker is designed for individuals with obesity and physical disabilities

Provides a large range of space for easy mobility. Product is made with light-weight aluminum for easy push.

Bariatric walker with extra width and extra depth

Dual-Release X-Wide Folding Walker supports bariatric users with balancing disabilities. The walker's height adjust in one inch increments and it's made with extra width and extra depth to provide ample room for easy mobility and balance during movement. Safe for use at home and at an assisted living facility.

Lightweight, folds easy and supports up to 600 pounds

This extra wide support walker is made with lightweight yet sturdy anodized aluminum. It safely supports up to 600 pounds and conveniently folds using the dual release mechanisms on the upper bar.

Bariatric Walker Features

  • Dual release folding mechanism allows walker sides to fold separately
  • Adjustable height from 31" to 38" high
  • Textured hand-grips for secure hold
  • Light weight durable aluminum frame for easy push
  • Supports weights of up to 600 lbs.
  • Best for users with heights from 5'4" to 6'2" tall

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