Colorful Walker Ball Glides for Walkers

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Colorful Walker Ball Glides for Walkers

These pre-cut walkerballs are easy to install and designed for use on the rear legs of walkers with front wheels. The smooth tennis ball style construction protects floors against scuff marks and glides smoothly across most floor surfaces.

Adds personality to your walker and protects your floor's surface

Colorful Walker Ball Glides add personality and color to your walker while protecting the life of your floors!

  • Smooth surface of the ball protects floors from scratches and scuff marks, and enables the walker ball to glide smoothly across most floors.
  • Ideal for use in homes, assisted living facilities or other facilities with walker users.
  • Made for easy installation and users safety

These Colorful Walker Ball Glides are styled to look like regular tennis balls. They are a layer of rubber wrapped in a colorful felt-like material, and are pre-cut for easy installation. Walker balls placed on the rear legs of walkers with front wheels enable users to glide safely over most uneven or rough floor surfaces with ease.

Package Content and Available Colors

Colorful Walker Ball Glides come one pair per package in a variety of colors

Colorful Walker Ball Glides are great to give as a gift and a great way to identify your walker in the company of other similar walkers!

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