Dorsi-Strap For Foot Drop

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Dorsi-Strap For Foot Drop

Dorsi-Strap Flexion is an ankle foot orthotsis (AFO) support for foot drop. It helps lift the forefoot, resulting in a more normal way of walking. Perfect for Stroke recovery, hip and knee replacement, people with muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis.

Improve balance and reduce falls from foot drop

Dorsi-Strap is an ankle foot orthotsis (AFO) support for foot drop, a neurological or muscular condition involving the inability to lift the front part of the foot to walk. Individuals with foot drop or drop foot, tend to drag the front of their foot when walking, which increases their risk of losing their balance, tripping or falling.

The Dorsi-Strap Flexion Support for Foot Drop helps lift the forefoot, resulting in a more normal way of walking.

People recovering from a Stroke or a hip and knee replacement surgery, or people living with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis or ALS, conditions more likely to develop temporary or permanent foot drop, will find that the Dorsi-Strap:

  • Reduces the risk of tripping and falling
  • Strengthens foot and ankle muscles
  • Helps improve balance

Comfortable to wear with regular shoes and most sandals

Barely noticeable when in use

Flexible foot drop brace for relaxed and active lifestyles

The Dorsi-Strap Flexion Support, made of soft flexible foam fabric with Velcro® fasteners, is the smallest and the lightest foot drop brace available.

Its breathable fabric stays cool and dry, and is available in two models – durable Standard and heavy-duty Pro. Both are easy to adjust, easy to put on and easy to take off.

Use the Dorsi-Strap Standard for normal everyday walking, around the house and outdoors, in regular shoes, most sandals and athletic footwear with or without shoelaces.

Dorsi-Strap Standard

  • Supports users weighing up to 195 pounds and wearing shoe size up to an 11

Dorsi-Strap Pro 

  • For more vigorous activities, such as hiking, jogging, golfing, etc
  • Made with athletic-grade shoelaces in addition to longer, heavier straps, the Dorsi-Strap Pro comfortably supports weights over 195 pounds and shoe sizes 12 and over

It works well worn in regular shoes, most sandals, athletic footwear, work shoes or boots with or without shoelaces.

  • No fitting
  • No prescription
  • No rigid platform to walk on
  • Weighs approximately 3 ounces
  • Latex free
  • Machine washable

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