Drive™ Tennis Ball Walker Glides

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Drive Medical Tennis Ball Walker Glides

Tennis Ball walker Glides with Replacement pads by Drive Medical attaches to the rear of standard size walkers.

Glides over floors with ease

Drive Medical Tennis Ball Walker Glides with Replaceable Glide Pads provide users a quiet and smooth experience.

They glide over hardwood and carpeted floors as well as other surfaces with ease while protecting floor surfaces from scratches and scuff marks.


  • Long lasting and easy installation
  • These durable Tennis Ball Glides with Replaceable Glide Pads last a lot longer than those plastic walker glides.
  • They're easy to put on and easy to take off.
  • Come one pair per can with two Tennis Ball glide Pads.
  • Contain rubber.

Size & Color

The hole in the Tennis Ball Walker Glides measures 1 1/16 inches to fit easily onto standard size walkers.

Color is Tennis Ball Yellow

Replacement Glide Pads available in package of four sold separately or with Tennis Ball Walker Glides! 

Makes a great gift for all walker users!

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