Formed Sock Aid With Foam Grips

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Formed sock aid with foam grips

Easy to grip sock puller-upper

Designed for individuals with limits in amount of bending and stretching that can be done. The formed sock aid with foam grips is uniquely designed with molded rubber and foam materials to aid indivduals affected.

The Formed Sock Aid with Foam Grips offers an easier way to put on your socks, knee highs or compression hosiery without bending.


  1. Built-up, easy to grip foam handles that are ideal for people with Arthritis, limited mobility or grasping difficulty.
  2. Soft, comfortable handles attach to a long braided cord, making this sock helper perfect for
    • people recovering from back, hip or knee surgery
    • people in wheelchairs
    • elderly people with limited mobility

Strong rigid construction 

  • This Formed Sock Aid's rigid construction should last a longtime.
  • The molded plastic design keeps your sock or stockings open, making it easier to pull them up onto your foot.
  • The foam handle-grips are easy to grasp and comfortable to hold.
  • An extra long braided cord adds length to eliminate having to bend
  • Rubber self adhesive pad helps keep your sock or compression stocking in place.

Makes a great gift


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