Fracture Pan

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Low-Rise Hip Support Fracture Pan

The fracture pan supports individuals that have hip injuries and are recovering slowly. The bedpan assists with urinary and fecal output. The fracture pan distributes weight evenly during use and promoted comfort during use while providing privacy.

  • Fracture pan is smaller and is used for toileting individuals that have hip fractures 
  • These fracture pans supports users that cannot raises their hip high enough or to roll over on a regular size bedpan
  • The fracture pan is used for urinary and fecal discharge
  • The fracture pan offers comfort, privacy and distributes the user’s weight during use
  • Plastic guard prevents spills from occuring

Fracture Pan Promotes Safe Recovery 

Product Features:

  • Promotes comfort
  • Provides Privacy during use
  • Adjusts to individuals body
  • Maximum Weight capacity of 331 lb
  • Contains 1000 cc
  • Latex free
  • Built-in loop handle for easy positioning 

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