Halo Safety Ring Universal Bedrail

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Halo Safety Ring Universal Bedrail

The Innovative design of the Halo Safety Ring, utilizes a lateral mattress stay and a circle mount, which eliminates the danger of entrapment on all bed types and provides residents with greater mobility and a sense of security

Approved by the FDA

Circular bedrail eliminates entrapment

The Halo Safety Ring provides assistance getting in and out of bed

Features of Circular designed support bedrail:

  • Eliminates the danger of bedrail entrapment
  • Provides users with greater independent mobility
  • Offers caregivers easier access for patient transfer
  • Helps build user's muscle strength
  • Meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Hospital Bed Safety Workshop (HBSW) standards
  • Easy to grasp and preferred by most assisted living facilities 
  • Adjustable and rotatable for easy in and out access   

Rotates 90 degrees

The Halo Safety Ring rotates 90 degrees in either direction and height adjusts to accommodate different user positions.  Its circular design and vertical mounting features allow for safer neck, head and chest exit points.  

Halo Safety Ring comes in three convenient styles:

  • Universal Halo Safety Ring
  • Universal Double Halo Safety Rings
  • Home-Style Halo Safety Ring

Easy to install with some assembly required.

Each Halo Safety Ring supports up to 500 pounds. 

Universal Ring vs. Home Style Model  

The Universal Halo Safety Ring fits all institutional or hospital style beds including the Carrol Style hospital bed and the Adjustable Length Bed (ALB).

For beds with metal frames, choose the Home-Style Halo Safety Ring.  This style bedrail fits regular home style beds up to a queen size and is popular with Assisted Living Centers.

Makes a great gift!

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