Hollister Retracted Penis Pouch Collection System

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A urinary collection system for a retracted penis

This urinary collection system offers the best incontinence management solution for men with a retracted or retractive penis. The Retracted Penis Pouch from Hollister adheres to the skin with a Flextend skin barrier that's anatomically shaped, strong and absorbent. It's perfect for men recovering from prostate cancer treatment or a stroke, men living with diabetes or men looking for an alternative to skin irritating disposable diapers and briefs.

  • Sleep through the night
  • Go everywhere with confidence
  • Wear your own underwear

Discreet, lightweight and designed for more than one-day wear

Retracted Penis Pouch is a transparent film with a cut-to-fit adhesive FlexTend skin barrier that adheres to the skin. The latex free penis pouch catches the fluid and eliminates urine odor. An easy to open and close drainage valve below the film prevents urine leakage and releases the fluid when the pouch is full. If users require additional fluid retention, simply attach the drainage valve to a standard leg bag.

The Retracted Penis Urinary Collection Pouch measures 7-1/2 inches and holds up to 250 milliliters. It's lightweight, discreet and designed for more than one-day wear. Comes in a package of 5 or a box of 10.


7-1/2 inches

Holds up to 250 ml.

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