KEatlery Weighted Utensils for Parkinson's

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KEatlery Weighted Utensils for Parkinson's

KEatlery Weighted Stainless Steel Silverware Set helps reduce shaky hand tremors while dining. Weighted knife, fork, teaspoon and soup spoon give people with Essential Hand Tremors, Parkinson's and shaky hands more control when eating meals.

Decrease shaky hand tremors while dining!

KEatlery Weighted Eating Utensils help reduce shaky hand tremors while dining. This unique set includes a weighted knife, fork, teaspoon and soup spoon. Each piece is slightly larger than regular silverware and much heavier. The weight of the utensils steady the user's hand, allowing more control when eating meals.

Now, people with shaky hands and people with Essential Hand Tremors associated with Parkinson's disease can:

  • enjoy their favorite meals without spills!
  • dine out again with family and friends!
  • independently eat meals without assistance

Stainless steel quality and other functional features

KEatlery Weighted Utensils are quality high polished 18/0 stainless steel.

Each piece features a slightly larger, ergonomic handle with finger indentations for a comfortable, easy to hold grasp. The bowl of the teaspoon and soupspoon is a little bigger and deeper than regular flatware and the soupspoon has a raised edge to help prevent spills. The tines on the fork are just the right length for its size and the knife's graded edge is perfect for cutting.

KEatlery Weighted Stainless Steel eating utensils are available in the following combinations:

  • 4-piece set (best value),
  • 3-piece set or sold
  • individually.

The three-piece set includes a knife, a fork and a teaspoon.

Each utensil weighs approximately 7.2 ounces 

Dishwasher safe

Makes a great gift!

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