Long Stainless Steel Shoehorn with Curved Hand Grip

Size Options: 24 inch - KIN33002
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Long Stainless Steel Shoehorn with Curved Hand Grip

The stainless steel shoehorn is designed for much use for individuals with limited mobility due to arthritis conditions. Build with extra long handles for stability, and balance. Available is different sizes.

Put on shoes or socks without bending

This Long Stainless Steel Shoehorn is the perfect dressing aid for anyone with limited mobility. It helps users put on and take off their shoes or socks without bending, making it perfect for people recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery or people who simply have difficulty bending.

Stainless steel quality with easy to grasp handles

The extra long shoehorn is made from quality stainless steel for long-lasting durability. It features an easy to grasp vinyl covered handle that can also be used to pull up socks.


24 or 30 inch lengths

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