Plastic Bedpan

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Plastic Bedpan requires minimal effort and easy to use

The bedpan supports individuals that are limited to mobility and are challenged with permanent or temporary bedridden disabilities. The bedpan assists with urinary and fecal output. The bedpan distributes weight evenly, promotes privacy and comfort.

Bedpan is used for toileting patients that are bedridden due to temporary or permanent illness, surgery or injury and require the use of a bedpan. Bedpan is used for urinary and fecal discharged. They are mostly used by individuals in healthcare facilities that are challenged with such situations. The bedpan offers comfort, privacy and distributes the user’s weight during use.  Also used for individuals that is in homecare settings and need support when having to go to the restroom.

Provides comfort and ensures privacy

Product Features:

  • Promotes comfort
  • Provides Privacy during use
  • Adjusts to individuals’ body
  • Easy use for users with hip problems
  • Minimal effort requires for use

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