Pressure Sensitive Bed Pad with Alarm

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Drive Pressure Sensitive Bed Alarm Mat

Alerts caregivers when a patient gets up from their chair or bed.

The pad is pressure sensitive with an audio alarm.

The alarm comes with an ON/OFF switch an four AA batteries or reset alarm model.

When patients start to have poor balance, Alzheimers, Dementia or Stroke this can sometimes lead to fall related accidents. The Drive™ Pressure Sensitive Bed Alarm pad is especially designed to alert caregivers whenever patient rises from the bed. The pressure sensitive pad is connected to an audio alarm, which is triggered when the patient stands up. The alarm has an ON/OFF switch and a low battery signal. The pad and the alarm come complete with four AA batteries and may also be available in a reset alarm model.


  • Alerts caregiver with audio alarm when patient gets out of bed.
  • Pressure sensitive pad connects to the audio alarm.
  • The alarm comes with a safety alert ON/OFF switch and low battery warning.
  • Four AA batteries included.
  • Reset alarm Model 1309


Pad size 11 inch x 30 inch.
Warranty: (alarm) 6 months.

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