Pressure Sensitive Chair Pad Alert

Model Choices: Standard (DRI-13605)
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Drive Pressure Sensitive Chair Alarm Mat

Alerts caregivers when a patient gets up from their chair or bed. The mat is pressure sensitive with an audio alarm. The alarm comes with an ON/OFF switch and four AA batteries. Alarm can be reset easily.

Prevents falls and wandering

Pressure Sensitive Chair Pad Alert helps caregivers keep their patients safe and secure. It alerts the caregiver with an audio alarm when a patient gets out of a chair.

This affordable alarm system is perfect for patients with Alzheimers and Dementia living at home or living in a memory care facility. 

 Easy to use features 

The Pressure Sensitive Chair Pad comes with a safety alert, On/Off switch, low battery warning and four AA batteries. It is easy to use - monthly monitoring charges are not required. Simply connect the the pad to the audio alarm, place it in the chair under the patient and turn it on.

 Two models to choose from:

  • Standard Alarm 
  • Alarm with Reset Button

Pad Size

The Pressure-Sensitive Chair Pad measures 10 x 15 inches and comes with a six month warranty on the sensor pad only.

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