Quad Leg Lifter with Forearm Loops

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Quad Leg Lifter with Forearm Loops

Pre-formed arm loops help lift leg

The Quad Leg Lifter features pre-formed forearm loops and foot support to help lift your legs on and off a wheelchair footrest, bed or footstool.

Users can transform the pre-formed foot support to a desired shape most comfortable for supporting the foot for leg transfer.

Triple Loop Quad Leg Lifter is perfect for users with arthritis hands, recovering from a stroke or uses a wheelchair.

Extra long heavy duty webbing eliminates bending

This Quad Leg Lifter assistive device measures 40 inches in length, which eliminates having to bend when lifting the leg. The Triple Loop Leg Lifter features a long metal rod surrounded by one inch heavy-duty webbing and a sturdy gauge wire insert forms the flexible foot support.

It is easy to use and easy to clean

Simply place your foot inside the pre-formed foot support, hold the top loop with one hand or arm, and place your other arm inside the second loop and lift.


40 inch length x 1 inch width



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