Reusable Incontinence Seat Protectors

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Soft quilted reusable chair pads and incontinence seat protectors

Protects all seating from incontinence fluid damage. They are absorbent, machine washable and come in various colors.

Protect your favorite seating surfaces

Reusable Recliner Chair Pads and Seat Protectors are perfect for shielding your favorite seating surfaces from fluid damage.

Use these absorbent chair pads on car seats, lift chairs, wheelchairs, recliners and other surfaces.

The assorted color choices complement most lift or recliner chair fabrics.

Offer three layers of incontinence protection:

  • Quilted top fabric layer to match most lift chairs and recliners
  • Absorbent inner layers for maximum fluid retention
  • Vinyl backing layer to protect seating area from wetness

Reusable Quilted Chair Pads and Seat Protectors are machine washable


Blue, Green, Ruby Red and Brown.


Seat protectors measure 21 x 22 inches

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