Round Non-Slip Scoop Plate

Color Options: Yellow Scoop Dish - KIN-15258
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High Sided Round Scooper Plate

With a non-slip bottom. Helps users scoop food onto their eating utensils. It is available in red, white, blue and yellow.

High sided dish for scooping food 

  • Provides a low entry with high backstop for scooping food onto your eating utensil
  • Raised backside prevents users with shaky hands or uncontrollable movement from pushing food off the plate

This helpful scoop plate is ideal for people with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Ataxia, and individuals recovering from a Stroke or brain injury.

Constructed for long lasting usability

This Round Scoop Dish, made of polypropylene, will last a lifetime. It is unbreakable, smooth and top shelf dishwasher safe. A rubber padded bottom keeps the plate from sliding while the raised backside helps push food onto the eating utensil.

Available in red, blue, white or yellow 

Latex Free

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