Self-Standing Safety Cane Tip

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Self-Standing Safety Cane tip

Adds greater stability to your cane on most wet or dry surfaces. It features a non-skid base and holds your cane upright when released or dropped.

Stabilizes your cane on wet or dry surfaces


  • greater stability
  • safer mobility
  • added cane height
  • self-standing capability

Durable, slip-resistant and easy to install

Self-Standing Safety Cane, made of durable, slip-resistant rubber and chrome, is easy to install and easy to maintain. Simply remove your cane's original tip and replace it with the Safety Cane tip. It wipes clean and fits most aluminum canes - not recommended for Folding Canes.


Stands - 3-3/4 inch high with a 3 inch non-skid base
Weighs 7.9 ounces

Makes a great gift! 


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