Trigger Release Deluxe Folding Walker with Wheels

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Trigger Release Deluxe Folding Walker with Wheels

Easy to maneuver Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker for elderly seniors and people with balancing disabilities. Supports up to 350 pounds.


  • Large, easy to grasp trigger release folding mechanisms for users with limited or poor hand dexterity
  • A splash of color to the new and improved cross bar and trigger mechanisms
  • Height adjustable
  • Easy to remove 5 inch front wheels for easy maneuvering around corners and on carpeted floors
  • Newly designed rear glide caps and glide covers for use on all floor surfaces
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Heavy-duty construction with crack-resist triggers

The Trigger Release Deluxe Folding Walker may be smaller than normal sized walkers, but it's made of the same durable materials with a few new improvements:

  • A heavy-duty one inch anodized aluminum frame
  • Durable, crack-resist and unbreakable trigger release
  • Replaceable 5 inch wheels, rear glide caps and glide covers
  • Height adjust from 26-1/2 inch to 33-1/2 inch
  • Able to support weights up to 350 pounds


18 inch width inside handgrip 

20-1/2 inch width inside back legs

Overall width is 25-1/2 inch 

Depth opened is 19 inch Walker weighs 6-1/2 pounds

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