Tub-Guard Bathtub Safety Rails

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Tub-Guard Bath Safety Rails

Designed to help individuals with physical disabilities. Rails provide support for entry and exit from bath tub. Safety Guard ensures safety for caregivers and user when loved ones are not being supervised.

Product Features:

  • Light weight, compact design for traveling 
  • Tool-free installation
  • Designed for individuals with physical disabilities due to stroke or arthritic conditions requiring extra support.
  • Ensure safety by providing a good gripping surface for individuals to hold on to.
  • Safety rails add support for entry and exit from tub.
  • Provides Sturdy Gripping Surface

Tub Rails Available in Standard or Tall

Products available in standard height or in tall model for individuals who are taller.


Standard Size measures 12" tall
Tall Model Size measures 16" 1/2"

Fits tubs walls 2 1/2"-6 1/2" thick

Capacity of 250 lbs

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