U-Bend-It™ Built-Up Handled Spoon & Fork

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U-Bend-It™ Built-Up Handled Spoon & Fork

Stainless steel, bendable utensils with built-up, textured handles for people with arthritis, weak grasps or other hand limitations.

Bendable eating utensils with large contoured handles

Maddadapt™ UBend-It™ Spoon and Fork are bendable eating aids for users with Arthritis, grasping disability or limited range of motion. These adaptive eating utensils have large contoured handles and a twist in the shaft that bends in either a left or right angle.

Larger, built-up handles make it easier for people with poor dexterity to grip and hold the utensil. The bendable shaft reduces stress to the wrist or arm, enabling left or right hand users with movement limitations to better control the utensil.

Long lasting stainless steel quality

UBend-It Adaptive Utensils are quality stainless steel designed for long-lasting use. Both the fork and spoon feature a built-up, textured plastic handle that curves in the middle, allowing for a non-slip and comfortable grip and a twist in the shaft that bends to either side for left or right-angled dining.

The bendable utensils are top rack dishwasher safe.

Each sold individually or in a two-piece set.

Available Utensil Choices

UBend-It Tablespoon
UBent-It Fork

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