Walker Tray & Storage Caddy

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Walker Tray & Storage Caddy

Functions as a dinner tray and storage bin

This nifty Walker Tray and Storage Caddy fits most standard folding walkers and functions as a dinner tray and storage bin.

The caddy’s new and improved design features:

  • a removable top with a slightly raised edge
  • a built-in convenient drink holder
  • a roomy two compartment storage area
  • Blue/Gray Tray

Use it to carry and store your favorite snacks, beverages, reading materials, remote control, playing cards, knitting tools, etc.

Durable, adjustable and easy to clean

The Walker Tray and Storage Caddy is a durable, heavy-duty molded plastic. It attaches to most standard walker frames using two small clips and long adjustable brackets. Cleaning is easy with non-abrasive cleaner and warm water.


Walker Tray and Storage Caddy measures 15-1/2 inch width x 11-3/4 inch depth x 5-inch height.

Makes a great gift!

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