Waterproof Incontinent Pull-On Pants

Size: Small (22 - 28) 560-7001-1921
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DMI Incontinent waterproof Pull-On pants for men, women and children.

They help protect clothes and bed linens from urinary leakage.

Noise-free incontinent reusable underwear

DMI® Incontinent Pull-On Pants are lightweight, reusable and feature a noise-free fabric designed to make users feel comfortable and protected. This cloth-like incontinence underwear helps protect clothes, furniture and bed linens from urinary leakage due to overactive bladder or prostate surgery.

Incontinent Pull-On Pants, a unisex protective garment, are perfect for men, women and children. Ideal for use with incontinence pads, diapers, reusables and other absorbent materials.

Snug elastic waist and leg bands

DMI Incontinent Pull-On Pants have a snug elastic waist and leg bands designed to provide additional protection and comfort. This reusable, cloth-like pull-on is machine washable and available in white only.

Available Sizes

  • X-Small (14 - 20 inches)
  • Small (22 – 28 inches)
  • Medium (30 – 36 inches)
  • Large (38 – 44 inches)
  • X-Large (46 – 52 inches)


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