Weighted ADL Kit for Parkinson's

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Parkinson's Weighted ADL Kit for Improved Motor Skills

Parkinson's weighted kit was designed for individuals with Parkinson's disease and other illnesses that cause tremors in the upper extremities.

Especially designed with useful ADL items to aid with weak hand movements and poor grasping.

This kit includes KEatlery weighted utensils set made with built-up weight in handles to prevent tremors during mealtime. Insulated weighted mug has a capacity to hold 12 oz hot or cold liquids. The universal adult holder was designed to make holding objects with irregular shapes and sizes easier. Also includes a universal holder in size large.

Included in kit:

  • KEatlery Weighted Utensil Set
  • Insulated Weighted Mug, 12 oz
  • Universal Holder for adults
  • Universal Holder Large accommodates Razor or Toothbrush

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