Wire Walker Basket with Plastic Tray

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Wire Walker Basket with a removeable heavy-duty plastic tray.

Carry your belongings with you!

This Wire Walker Basket allows you to carry your belongings with you wherever you go. It features a heavy-duty removable plastic tray with a built-in drink holder and other miscellaneous compartments.

Strips of hook-and-loop fasteners hold the basket in place, eliminating swinging or loose hanging. Attach the straps to the horizontal and vertical walker bars and it's done. Use your walker basket to carry:

  • books
  • eye glasses
  • cell phone
  • favorite beverage and more

Remove the heavy-duty plastic tray and use it as a stand-alone tray in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.

Attractive, sturdy and long-lasting

The Wire Walker Basket, made of plastic-coated metal with a heavy-duty molded plastic tray, is attractive, sturdy and long-lasting. It includes a strip of hook-and-loop closure material perforated in five spots for tearing into six separate pieces.

Attach your Wire Walker Basket to most rigid or folding walkers. The removable plastic tray is dishwasher safe.


Wire Basket measures 5-1/2 x 16 x 7 inches

Removable Plastic Tray measures 3-3/4 x 8-1/2 x 2-3/8 inches

Makes an ideal gift!

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